There once was a girl named Angel

Welcome to Angel-world! It’s a world of laughter (mostly at m’self), joy, love, & lots of confusion (again, mostly on my end). Been trying to figure out what a massage therapist would blog, if a massage therapist could blog a blog …

And I decided, why not. We’re a bit wacky, some call us Crunchy, some tell us we’re Pollyannas … but we’re really just regular folk, sorta … kinda like you! Well, normal folk who can’t stand to see you in pain; our fingers and hands actually start moving toward you to help out without our volition. Ever tried to control wiggly fingers when they’re beggin’ to dig into those traps and make it better? It ain’t easy, lemme tell ya.

I suppose I’ll start this blog with a brief “About the blogger” then go from there. I am Angel, and I’m a 47-year-old female who finally found out what she wanted to be when she grew up, oh, two years ago. Prior to that I worked in IT for nearly 20 years – everything from LAN Support to Database & GUI Design to Documentation to Training … I’ve done a lot, and I enjoyed every bit of it. Got out of IT about 10 years ago and spent some time bouncing around – truck driver and Realtor are two of the career options I experimented with, but they just didn’t really catch.

I have two amazing daughters, and a grandson who’s just completely the cat’s meow. Literally. When we Skype and he sees all my kitties (Hubs and I have four) he starts meowing at them. So cute! I also have two stepdaughters, and an amazing Guppyfish (granddaughter) and grandson from them, as well. Hubs and I are blessed with amazing kids & grandkids.

We’ve also just recently purchased our first home together – talk about a big deal! We lived in a teeny-tiny little apartment for six years (he’d lived there three years prior) and … well? It wouldn’t hold my kitchen stuff anymore! I mean, I cook. Like, I cook. From scratch. No packaged crapola, no thank you! So, between the preparation dishes, and the cooking dishes, and the base materials (I cook several different varieties of foods, including Indian, Japanese, Italian, German/Hungarian, and more!) like dried beans, seaweed, and so on … well, the tops of the cabinets in the itsy little galley kitchen could no longer hold any more materials.

Fortunately for us, this purchase seemed to be destined to be made by us. The stars aligned, the planets came into order, and everything came together like magic for us. So now, I have a kitchen that lets me store all my cooking stuff … and I have an office, and a studio, and Hubs has his own office, and media room … now, if we could just finish getting out of the apartment! When we closed on the house on Dec 10, we still had until Feb 17 to pay on the lease of the apartment. Being oh-so-wise, I instructed Hubs that we were only going to bring to the house the items we must have to live. You see, Hubs is a packrat. I wanted to build a situation where he’d be accustomed to not having all his other “stuff” all over the place, which hopefully would make it easier for him to donate it …

It worked too well. Now, we’re all happily ensconced in our home, and going back to that dank little apartment is like torture. “Honey, we really need to get over there, we have to be out by Friday!” he says to me. “Groan.” My only response. In my mind I’m thinking “Can’t we just, like, rent a bulldozer and have them go like bulldoze all the stuff? Well, I guess that’d cause a lot of property damage, but still. Something like that?” And don’t even get me started on the car. The car that I drove here in 2010. The car that then fell apart, as I fell apart. By the time I recovered myself, the car was going to take a LOT to fix, so we shoved it into the garage and forgot about it. Now, we have to get it cleaned out … but all four tires are flat, so when they come over Friday morning to tow it off, I’m just hoping we can convince the tow driver to help us pull it outta the garage …

Ugh! So. That is a day in the life, short-version, of a massage therapist. Yep, Regular Jo, as the case may be. I guess I should go have my coffee, so I can get ready for my work day … ready to get these mighty Fingers of Healz on some people and put them to sleep while I work out their kinks!

You, dear reader? Have a great day. Schedule yourself a massage. Get to know one of our quirky selves. Then get set to laugh with us, ‘cuz trust me, we give lots of laugh-worthy moments!



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